Managed IT Services

manageditT«Managed IT Services brings out the best.»

We are a local IT company that specializes in Managed IT Services, we have technicians in the field scheduled to take care of our clients on a weekly basis, we can assigned 2 technicians dedicated to your business so they get really familiar with your operations, and that way you are always taken care  even if one of the techs is on vacation, unavailable, etc. We have clients in your industry so we are familiar with the requirements of it. We have 24/7/365 monitoring software for servers and workstations reporting on a daily basis based on triggers setup by us, this comes with remote network access so we can remote to your system within a few minutes, no matter where we are, we have local and cloud based backup systems. By leveraging FiRa IT Services LLC’s Managed Services, you can expect to lower your total IT operational costs by leveraging the skills of many experts for less than the cost of employing one. We are able to do so by realizing scale, and identifying problem areas before they turn into a reactive situation.  Please call us to setup a time where we can discuss your needs and if you feel we are a good fit for your future plans.