Managed IT Services

We are a local IT company that specializes in Managed IT Services, with 24/7/365 monitoring software for servers and workstations reporting on a daily basis, we have local and cloud based backup systems. With FiRa IT Services LLC’s Managed IT Services, you can expect to lower your total IT operational costs for less than the cost of in house IT.

Surveillance Systems

Keep your eyes on your more love goods and people, even if you are traveling out the continent. We have a bast experience installing and setting up Security Surveillance System. We manage to work with any brand and no matter what protocol it use from BNC to IP or CCTV to Network Cameras.

VoIP Phone Systems

Our highly scalable PBX are designed to provide carrier-grade VoIP switch functions and features. Built to provide reliable telecom services using the latest innovation. Several companies are utilizing our PBX to power their VoIP infrastructure..

Home Automation

Our wide variety of equipment can make your home and smart house. From an intelligent Door Ring Bell, to and Smart Thermostat or automatic lighting. The IoT and Artificial Intelligence can be part of your house too.

POS Systems

Speed up your sales with new state of the art Point of Sale (POS) system that will help you take care of administrative tasks more efficiently. Take credit cards and track your employees time in an efficient and convenient way to get the higher productivity and control you can achieve.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services includes not online data storage and backup solutions, but also web-based e-mail services, hosted office suites and document collaboration services, database processing, managed technical support services and more.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

IT systems have become essential to the operation of any company, so it is critical to ensure the continued operation of those systems, and their rapid recovery. Depending on what kind of data is stored, it may need to be backed up daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

Network Design

FiRa team is able to implement business class network equipment and multiply the speed of how you work. As an added bonus the high reliability devices will reduce if not eliminate, network freezes and crashes. Our network design will give you the best performance of your it equipments.

IT on Demand

IT On Demand is the solution to your Information Technology needs. Whether you need to develop and special IT project or just give a maintenance to your network we will tailor it according to your needs. Our services include IT consulting, system integration, and software deployment.