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How to install FiRa IT Services Android App

In this post we are going to guide you how to install our Android App.


This application will allow you easily contact us, as well as request support from your mobile device in no time.

Just follow this simple steps and you will have a wonderful app in your smart device:

1. First, make sure you are visiting this website on your smart phone. If not you can go to

2. Once here, just click or tap  here  to download the app to your phone, tablet or Kindle Fire:

3. Before it start downloading you will see a prompt at the bottom of your phone warning you that this kind of file could damage your phone, just click OK. (This will show if you use a browser like Chrome)












4. Now you will see a downloading app at the top left corner of your phone. 

5. Once it has finished downloading click on it to install the App.

6. Now your phone will come with a new warning that it is set to block apps from unknown sources. That is normal, just click on Settings:












7. Once you hit settings it will launch the security settings. This time you will want to check mark next to Unknown Sources.












7. Immediately after you check mark it you will be warned again about installing apps from unknown source. Just check mark Allow Initial installation only and tap OK.












8. This time your phone is going to tell you to what our App will have access, just tap Next to allow it.












9. And again the warning, this time just hit Install:












10. Done. Our App is installed on your phone and from there you can contact us, visit our web site or even request support.












This are simple steps to get our App running on your Android device.

We are working to develop the same app to iOS devices and Windows Phones as well.


Note, FiRa IT Services do not recommend that you use this procedure to install apps if you DO NOT trust on the source where the app is coming.


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