How to make Logitech HD WebCam C310 faster

How to make Logitech HD WebCam C310 faster

Today we are going to show you the most simple steps to make the Logitech HD WebCam  C310  work as fast as it did when came from factory.
This is a good camera that we have seen working in a lot of medical offices for taking patient pictures . The camera itself is a good product with a high quality pictures, actually it honors its name about the High Definition.
However, after some months of use, specially if the practice is busy, this camera gets a big degradation on its performance. It will take a long time to get ready to take a picture. The 1 2 3 counting before taking the shot becomes a 100 200 300.
That slowness  would make you ask if the product that you bought was correct. We do not blame you if you have been in on that boat. However, there is a simple secret procedure to make the camera take pictures as fast as you need on those busy days.
If you keep your photos in the same directory where they are saved then you know what what we mean by about slow performance.
The only thing you should do is follow these simple steps to make the camera work as fast as it should be.
 1. Open the Logitech Webcam Software as you usually do then click on WebCam Galley button.
 WebCam Gallery
2. Once it loads the last picture taken just click on Go to file Button on the right bottom corner of the picture.
Go to file
 This will open Windows Explorer in the directory where you are saving your pictures.
 3.  Create a new folder outside the directory where the pictures taken are being saved and move all these pictures to this newly created folder. Therefore your original folder is now empty.
If you follow this simple 1 2 3 steps you will see your camera working again as fast as it did when you first installed it.
Remember that the more pictures you have in the folder where the pictures are being saved the slower the camera would be. The reason is because the software reads all the pictures from there to give you a thumbnail before it loads.
We hope you find this post interesting and remember any comment is highly appreciated.  
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